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 Title  Date Download
 Whistle Blower Policy  2016-07-14
 Policy on Diversity of Board of Directors  2016-07-14
 Remuneration Policy  2016-07-14
 Client Code Modification  2016-07-14
 Inactive Account  2016-07-14
 Internal Control Policy  2016-07-14
 Policy on Limit Setting  2016-07-14
 Policy on Outsource Activities  2016-07-14
 Pre-funded Instruments Policy  2016-07-14
 RMS Policy  2016-07-14
 Surveillance Policy  2016-07-14
 Board Diversity Policy  2016-01-28
 Archival Policy  2015-11-10
 Policy for determination of Materiality  2015-11-10
 Policy for Preservation of Documents  2015-11-10
 Remuneration Policy  2015-07-31
 Risk Management and Internal Control Policy  2015-04-24
 Policy on Related Party Transaction  2015-03-26
 Policy on Anti Money Laundering  2014-04-24
 Anti Money Laundering- policy  2014-04-24