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Currency Derivatives :

Over the years Internet has gained a massive improvement and today everyone is in the world of internet. Online trading has been successful and most of them prefer to buy or sell shares or stock trading on the internet. Usually financial transactions are burdened with numerous risk factors. Derivatives are involved in isolating those risk factors from customary instruments and shifting risks to those units that are ready to take them.

NDA Securities is a prestigious business enterprise which has laid strong foundation in the financial services in India. It is indeed contentment for the NDA group to endeavor into the currency derivatives segment. This facilitates us to offer extended services to our valued customers, thus making a sole window for all financial services. We provide advisory and brokerage services for the Indian currency derivative markets. Moreover online trading platforms are offered to our customers that allow them to trade whenever they choose while receiving instantaneous professional support.

The Currency Derivatives trading system of NSE is called as NEAT-CDS (National Exchange for Automated Trading – Currency Derivatives Segment) trading System. NDA offers currency derivatives that are a fully automated screen-based trading for currency futures on a universal basis as well as an online examination and inspection Mechanism.

Some of the benefits with NDA’s Currency derivatives are:

  • Indian residents can access to a new asset class for trading.
  • Hedging current disclosure:
    • Future receivables and payables can be hedged.
    • For interest or principal payments borrowers can also hedge Foreign Currency loans.
    • Indian residents can hedge for offshore investment.
Currency derivatives through stock exchanges offer a vibrant transform in currency trading and hedging. We have been in constant touch with the NSC and offer online trading on NSE's NOW platform. In this platform you are directly linked to the NSE mainframe system. Hence you don’t have to worry about the broker's system. You can easily access and view your accounts, contract notes, Demat holding etc easily through our website.