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Depository Services:

Gone are the days when depository system was dealt with paper based certificates. Those methods were fraudulent and were prone to forged dealings. Furthermore investors had to commute to the depository offices to get updated account information and status of transactions. However with the internet facility, the investor can easily deal it online. Everything is simple now and one can get an easy hang on his frequent transactions. An added advantage with our depository services is that we offer fast, protected and hassle free ways to get an association with the National Securities Depository Limited and Central Depository Services (India) Limited
NDA Securities limited offers financial services that relates to stock market. Our financial service consists of Core Financial Services, Financial Advisory Services, Depository Services, Commodity Trading Facilities and Legal Advisory Services.

Depository service protects and records securities either physically or electronically and may record ownership of these securities.

Advantages of Depository services are:

  • Increases understanding the global market.
  • Provides information like protection of assets, risk minimization, and service excellence to custodian banks, brokers, International Central Securities Depositories (ICSDs), asset managers, and investors.
  • Motivates cross-border investment flows and in this manner supports improved market liquidity.
  • Offers instrument to expose infrastructural developments as they take place.
  • Assisting end investors' market risk estimation that is essential to make decisions to invest outside their home markets.
However investors need to take considerable care when selecting the markets and companies in which they would make their investments. We offer a range of depository services which is offered by our expert team in associations with National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL). We offer you a simple and smooth conduct of investment and trading affairs. NDA services offer reasonable and most viable depository services are offered by our company. Further we offer web based access to your holding through our back office software.